Be where you are..

Seems a simple enough concept indeed. However, I notice students have much difficulty in keeping focused on what they are doing. This occurs even when it might mean they get punched in the face. A great tool to help develop the laser focus that is needed in combat as well as many other aspects of life is meditation (qi gong). Standing meditation, or posting, is a long studied practice in Chinese Kung Fu. The student may start with a position as simple as standing shoulder width with arms raised to the height of the sternum. Simply counting the breaths in this position is an introduction to this type of meditation. Most times students find concentration and emptying the mind difficult at first. This is because of what the Classics call “Wild Horse” or “Monkey” brain. Your mind runs off or bounces around from thought to thought because you are standing still. There are no great visual/audible or kinesthetic impulses coming into the mind like usual. We live in a fast paced and vibrant world and are constantly on the go. When come to stillness and quiet the thoughts in our mind can become very loud. Impatience, boredom, day to day routines all come crashing in to take us away from the place we are – standing still. Why should I stand here? When is this going to be over? This guy is full of sh..! How can this possibly help me? I’m hungry. These are all things that tear us away from the stillness and focus. Once we get the horse and monkey under control this powerful tool can help a person keep calm in the middle of a great storm.