Varon ‘Mo’ Webb Dighrs To Exciting Draw

Saturday May 8th at the Raleigh Convention Center. Varon ‘Mo’ Webb fought Jesus in an exciting three round MMA bout that had action on the feet and on the canvas. We feel pretty solid that Mo got robbed with the Draw decision but it was not a loss. This is Mo’s third amatuer fight and he is now 1-1-1. He employed some of his new fought Kung Fu opening up a cut over Jesus’ left eye early in round one. Mo got a great takedown and rained down punches on Jesus’ face. Mo was on the offensive moving forward most of the fight and Jesus only had one point of dominance in the fight. Later, many people told us we got robbed. That just goes to show “you can’t leave it to the judges.” Mo fights again on June 5th and will have many new tools to try by then. That same day we will be at the grappling tournament before the competition. For more info on that tournamnet and fight go to Coastal Combat Curcuit. This will give you contact info and you can register there to compete.

Congratulations Mo!