Why Kung Fu is right for the Modern War Fighter

– Kung Fu –

The Perfect Tool for the Modern War Fighter

Kung Fu is an ancient fighting art that has been battlefield tested again and again. Today many people only look to Brazilian Jujitsu and Muay Thai for their martial practices. This is due to these arts success in the mma world. The Gracie’s set up the UFC so that they could highlight their arts effectiveness and did just that. Muay Thai has also been highlighted in mma. Like Tae Kwon Do in America, these arts are popularized because of fantastic marketing and should be applauded for this. Now we look at Kung Fu. Kung fu has been the red headed step child of the martial arts world for some time because it has not faired well in the mma ring. This is changing because people are using the sanshou kickboxing method in the ring and incorporating chin na (joint locking) from their various arts. This should not be looked at as the proof of a valid system for combat however. Training for combat (not in the ring) must be done with the understanding that rules do not apply. Illegal strikes do not exist and speed and efficiency is of the utmost importance. The things facing a soldier in the field do not allow him to play a game that lasts five minutes and will be judged on points. The life and death struggle that a soldier will encounter will demand functioning in the hyper adrenal state. This is when fine motor skills go to the wind and gross motor movements will be your best friend. The type of overall body conditioning done in kung fu training at White Lion Kung Fu will give students highly developed gross motor movements that they can rely on in the hyper adrenal state. Developing iron body and bridge is one crucial part of the overall development and can be accomplished by anyone over time. This will help each warrior deal more effectively with the various impacts on their body.

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