Grandmaster David Chin – My Sifu

It hardly seems like it can be 16 years when I think of it. I had moved down to North Carolina and was working out with a couple of friends. I was in the search for someone to guide me to my next level of development. I had been unable to find anyone that would be able to do this when one of my friends told me of a man in Fayetteville NC by the name of David Chin. The description sounded to good to be true – a man who was feared and respected around Fayetteville (a hardened military town) and instructor of Special Operations soldiers. When I first showed up at the Golden Dragon (Grandmaster Chin’s Chinese Restaurant) Sifu Chin and one of his students met me at a table in the restaurant and he asked me one simple question, “so why did you come to me?” The answer was simple – I wanted to become a better fighter – so you can imagine my surprise when the first assignment was to do Yang Tai Chi Form. We did it low and slow and it nearly killed me mentally and physically. Then Sifu Chin came over to me and said he wanted to show me a technique of the tai chi chuan. I said, ‘great’ with excited anticipation and then he told me to put a hand up. I did and he laid his arm against mine and told me to hold my stance real strong. I did and he asked, “are you ready?” I gave the affirmative and right after that he hit me. The fact that the punch came from such close contact was not the interesting part. The way that it felt was what hooked me. It felt as though I had been hit with a battering ram and Sifu Chin had barely moved and had a slight smile on his face the whole time. After that moment I knew I had found my new home. Now, 16 years later I am still working on Tai Chi and finding the inner uses of this great skill. I am grateful beyond words for the lessons he has shared and continues to share with me. I look to honor his teachings by passing them on the best way I can.

Grandmaster David Chin
Tibetan Hop Gar In Action
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