Legends of Kung Fu Tournament – 6/25 – 6/27

Fight Team Heads to Legends Tourny in Dallas

Sanshou or Sanda is Chinese full contact kick boxing that allows throws. Amateurs use headgear, boxing gloves, shin and instep while pros only use gloves. Three-two minute rounds for amateurs and five-three minute rounds for pros. Fights end by knockout, tko, points, or loss by being put out of the ring. The lei tai (fight stage) has no barriers so competitors have to stay in the ring or they are penalized. It is a high paced and exciting competition and gives people a chance to test themselves. We have five fighters going down to compete. Most of the guys have a couple months experience and should fair well because of the work they have been putting in. The fight team has been meeting for extra hours every Tues/Thurs and Saturday. We hope to come home with some good results and lessons learned. For more info on this tournament go to http://www.legendsofkungfu.com/