Moe Webb Wins Gold At Legends of Kung Fu

Moe Webb Wins Decisively In Two Bouts

Varon “Moe” Webb fighting in his debut sanshou event won two bouts decisively over tough opponents. His first opponent was from the Brazilian team. Moe scored points with Sin, Sau and Gok Choi’s (various punching techniques of Hop Gar) as well as multiple throws and kicks. He was close to having the guy knocked out twice but couldn’t quite finish him before the rounds ended. He won in two straight rounds (best out of three rounds wins). His second fight went very much the same way. His opponent was from the school of a former sanshou champion from China. Moe worked from Dil Bo (hang stance) and opened up with chun saus (up hands) moving into Sau Choi that rocked the guy for the rest of the fight. He out classed him in the entire match. Moe and Travis (a student of Sifu David Chin) were the only two fighters to use there kung fu. The Brazilian team from a noted Choy Lay Fut school used Muay Thai. It just goes to show that people don’t understand the true usage of their kung fu. It may seem more esoteric but it can be used to great effect just as Moe showed. Way to go man.