Fight Like A Girl Results

Knight Style Clan Wins 3 out of 4 at Fight Like A Girl

Will Brown, Mike Cintron, Mike Hirsch, and Varon Webb all performed well in the competition. Will was the first fight of the night. In this four round title fight Will Brown fought a game opponent all four rounds and lost by decision. We know he will be back and stronger than ever next time. Mike Cintron was next up. Mike’s opponent outweighed him by 30 pounds but Knight Style Clan members don’t back down from a fight. This was a 205 title fight that was scheduled for four rounds. Mike stood toe to toe with his opponent and took some tough shots but delivered classic sin chois (corkscrew or slippery punch) and sau chois (x punches) to get the knockout and the title in the first round. It was a great victory coming off a tough loss in Florida. Next up was Mike “Big Country” Hirsch. Not much to say here because it only lasted 45 seconds. Mike came out early with some nice corkscrews, defended the take down attempt and reversed it and then got his opponent into a guillotine. That was it. Great transitional performance by a soldier that just got back from service in Afghanistan. Last up was Varon “Mighty Moe” Webb. Moe came out strong against his much taller opponent. The fight was up and down with both fighters getting some advantage. Overall, Moe was able to overwhelm his opponent with ground and pound and definitely had him beat in the stand up. The fight went the distance and Moe got the decision. The whole team did great and our corner man for this fight was team captain and fighter Dave “Juggernaut, Fred Flinstone, Pearl” Champagne. We thank him and all the fighters for another great performance. You can see Mike and Mikes fights on youtube and Varon’s will be up soon. Go to:

Cintron’s Fight

Hirsch’s Fight