Gong Hay Fat Choy!! (Happy New Year)

Gong Hay Fat Choy everyone! Welcome to the Chinese year of the Rabbit. Sifu Heintzman and the White Lion Kung Fu family hope you have a happy and prosperous new year. To encourage good fortune and usher in the new year, Grandmaster Chin and Sifu Heintzman will take the Hop Gar Lion Dance Team to Charlotte NC to perform traditional Chinese Lion Dance. The dance is performed by two students under a lion costume and a percussion band. The Lion wards off evil and blesses surroundings and people. If you would like to attend, the first performance is at New Century Grocery Store in Charlotte a start time is 11:30 am Sunday February 6th 2011. It will be a great time with lots of fireworks and great Dim Sum lunch afterwards. Don’t forget that the year of the rabbit is a great year to start practicing Kung fu. Come join us at White Lion Kung Fu.