2014 Study on Hand to Hand Combat

The following is a great study completed in 2014 by Peter R. Jensen of the United States Military Academy.

Big Points:

  1. Grappling was involved heavily in hand to hand struggles
  2. Fighting back is very successful
  3. Striking – punching and kicking was a small part of the equation

A small excerpt follows. For the full report click

Full Report


Hand-to-Hand Combat and the Use of Combatives Skills: An Analysis of United States Army Post-Combat Surveys from 2004-2008   Pg 1

“Despite technological advances, hand-to-hand combat remains a persistent aspect of the contemporary operating environment (Wojadkowski, 2007). To develop a more detailed understanding on the use of hand-to-hand combat, the researcher analyzed 30 Post- Combat Surveys administered to US Army Soldiers from 2004 to 2008 after their return from deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. 216 out of 1,226 Soldiers (19.0%) reported using hand-to-hand combat skills in at least one encounter. The Soldiers’ descriptions indicated that hand-to-hand combat occurred in a variety of tactical situations and that the most common skills employed were grappling techniques (72.6%), followed by the use of weapons (e.g., rifle butt strikes; 21.9%); with striking as the least reported skill (i.e., punching and kicking; 5.5%). These results further reinforce that hand-to-hand combat remains a relevant demand and the US Army should continue such training with an emphasis on grappling skills practiced across a variety of performance settings. For many years it was generally assumed that the improvement in power and range of firearms would lead to battles being decided at a distance, and that hand- to-hand fighting would be a rare exception…how completely has the twentieth century campaign exploded this theory. – Colonel Sir John Macdonald, British Army, 1917 Introduction Despite technological advances, hand-to-hand combat remains a demand in the contemporary operating environment, especially given the ambiguity of urban warfare and the close, regular interaction of Soldiers with both combatants and non-combatants in a broad spectrum of use-of-force situations. During OEF and OIF, hand-to-hand combat skills were useful not only during close combat, but also in crowd control situations and to maintain control over detainees and prisoners (Wojadkowski, 2007). Defined as “an engagement between two or more persons in an empty-handed struggle or with hand-held weapons such as knives, sticks, or projectile weapons that cannot be fired” (U.S. Army, 2002, p 1-1), hand-to-hand combat, and the training thereof, appears an important area for the Army to consider in preparing Soldiers for future conflicts.”

Grand Opening was indeed Grand

The Grand Opening went off without a hitch on Saturday. Lots of good food and fun had by all. The impromptu kids class going on inside was fun to watch. Grandmaster Chin and students from the school came out and did an awesome lion dance. A Tibetan Buddhist Nun did a purification ceremony on the gym to ward off any bad spirits. Two of my sisters and a neice came into town to join in the celebration and Leslie and Dag came with lots of good cake, muffins, and cupcakes. I can’t thank everyone enough that helped along the way. Mike, Ashley, Dave, Frankie, Mo, Andrew, Trailer, and many others helped bring the gym together in fast fashion and frankly, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without their help. Thanks so much. Classes are back to normal schedule starting Tuesday. I will be in Raleigh Saturday the 24th of April for a seminar. The gym will be open for open mat 9:00am-12:00pm. See you tomorrow.

So Close

With tomorrow as the Grand Opening, we spent all day trying to get things in place. We had lots of great help again today and are so close to being complete. The Grand Opening will feature a blessing ceremony from a Tibetan Biddhist Nun, a Traditional Chinese Lion Dance, DJ Dizzy, Tremendous Food, and lots of Friends and Family. If you can make it out, come join in the fun.

Grand Opening Celebration/BBQ April 17th

We are rapidly approaching the Grand Opening of the White Lion Kung Fu School. We are making lots of improvements to the space day by day and adding new students to the roll. We look forward to a great Grand Opening featuring Free food and drink (including my wife Leslie’s amazing baked creations), music for all from DJ Dizzy, and a Traditional Southern Chinese Lion Dance – this will help bless the school and open us up for great things. We hope any and all in driving distance of the school can make it. If not, we will be sure to eat your share of the BBQ.


Saturday morning was a lot of good ngang gong (hard conditioning), stance work, grappling and sparring. When the guys finished we varnished the Mok Jong. They will be ready on Tuesday.

Lucky Red

More progress yesterday. Red wall and red overhang looks great. Got the 6×6 posts in that will hold the Mok Jong and heavy bags. Tomorrow is clean, clean and more clean as our first class is tomorrow night.

Tournament Results

Congrats to all participants who competed in the Triangle Crown Tournament. Everyone got some good experience. We have plenty to work on and plenty to celebrate. James “TRAILERPARK” Pugh took first in his beginner grappling division. Travis, Nelson, and Arthur all had great matches too. Travis got a strange cut on his foot and was unable to continue or he would have been in the finals. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication from all the guys and we look forward to seeing you guys compete again.

Another Big Day

Today was another big day at the new White Lion Kung Fu location. Had lots of great help from guys at the gym and we got alot accomplished. So far we have ripped up carpet, torn down a wall, torn down paneling, sanded the floor, taken down all the window stickers and lots more I am forgetting. I am thankful for all the help I am getting with this transition. With the opening coming in only 5 days there is still loads to do. Come by and check out the progress on Tues March 30th if you like. I should be ther most of the day.