Mok Yee Pai Training – The Ear Plates of Tibetan Kung Fu

The Mok Yee Pai (wooden ear plates) are a classical training tool of Tibetan Haap Ga Kung Fu. This is a strength training tool that is like no other. Students of Haap Ga use this tool to develop incredible overall body conditioning and oneness. We will offer specialized training in this unique training tool that …

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New School Location

White Lion Kung Fu has a new location and will be open in April 2010. The space is Hanni Sewing currently. Come by and check out the school. 6413 Yadkin Road Fayetteville NC 28303.

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White Lion Kung Fu School

We will soon be opening a new location in Fayetteville NC. Check back for updates.

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Tibetan Hop Gar In Action
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