Systems Taught

We are a traditional kung fu school. Students will train in several different systems along the path of study. Our school focuses on developing the complete martial artist. By that, we mean a student will not only learn destructive boxing technique but also methods of self healing. Students will learn effective kung fu that will be applicable in or out of the ring.

Tibetan Hop Gar Kung Fu –

this highly aggressive system requires students do serious physical conditioning. Large and small students alike can apply this art when trained properly and the power development is second to none. A combination of long and short hand techniques as well as iron body conditioning make this system deadly. Sifu Ng, Yim-Ming was Master Chin’s Sifu in this Kung fu. Ng Sifu was not interested in many flowery forms but rather the understanding and application of the fists for boxing. Needless to say, the need for Jong and Jow was crucial for the application of Hop Gar.

Sin Tien Wu Ji Chi Kung –

Chi kung or breath work (most simply) is a vast body of meditation techniques. This system in particular contains both stationary and moving forms of meditation. The Jam Jong (standing post) is used to train the mind, develop the jing, and strengthen the body (particularly the tendons). The Stationary Five Element Tai Ji Chuan, so named because of the comparatively little movement relative to most tai ji forms, is used for many purposes. For this page we keep the description simple and say that it is for flow, strength, flexibility, balance, awareness. Grandmaster Chin’s Sin Tien Wu Ji System combines elements of Yi Chuan, Tai Ji, and other chi kung practices to better improve health as well as strength for boxing.

Kuo Style Tai Ji Chuan –

Sifu Kuo, Lien-Ying was Sifu Chin’s instructor in this amazing tai ji system. Sifu Chin helped Kuo Sifu open his school in San Francisco’s China Town right across from Portsmouth Park. Chin Sifu also trained with Sifu Kuo on the roof top of the Sam Wong Hotel. These private sessions were highly valuable to Chin Sifu and would lend to his great understanding of Sifu Kuo’s Tai Ji.

The Original Yang Tai Ji (Kuo never called it Guang Ping) is rooted in the powerful T-Stance. Understanding of this posture is not gained solely from working through the form but also working deeply into Jam Jong (standing post practice). This tai ji is for power building and boxing. Master Chin is the only student of Kuo Sifu to learn the Second set (Er Lu) application form.

Tibetan Hop Gar In Action
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