2014 Study on Hand to Hand Combat

The following is a great study completed in 2014 by Peter R. Jensen of the United States Military Academy. Big Points: Grappling was involved heavily in hand to hand struggles Fighting back is very successful Striking – punching and kicking was a small part of the equation A small excerpt follows. For the full report …

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Bull City Brawl 11

  Will ‘Beamin’ Brown, Donald Watts, and Arthur Rivers will be representing Chris Heintzman Tibetan Hop Gar Kung Fu at Bull City Brawl 11. This will be a great first opportunity for Donald and Arthur and a triumphant return for Will. Please come out and support Old School Kung Fu. More info at MMA Underground.

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Will Brown fights this weekend

Heintzman’s Hop Gar fight team member Will Brown will be fighting this weekend in Shelby NC. Go to MMA Underground for more info on tickets, times, and location. Please go out and support Will.

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White Lion Kung Fu Moves to 5319 Yadkin Rd, Fayetteville NC 28303

White Lion Kung Fu has found a new home and will begin the move on St. Patrick’s Day (Thursday 3/17/11). The new space will open up lots of opportunities for students. Come check out the new space. This is the old CCI Martial Arts Building just past Shooting Star Tatoo.

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Mighty Moe Gets Win @ King Of Casino

Varon’Mighty Moe’ Webb had to battle hard for a victory over his cold. Coming off a week of being sick Moe was burned going into the second round and it was a testament to his big heart that he was able to continue fighting for the win. This was a tough fought win but a …

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Mighty Moe Gets Unanimous Decision

Varon ‘Mighty Moe’ Webb fought a game Rahshun Ball from Siler City. Both fighters were in excellent shape but Moe dominated the action all three rounds even after being kneed to the groin not once but twice. The rest of the Knight Style Clan did not get to fight. Two of our opponents did not …

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Tibetan Hop Gar In Action
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUoJ9RkaQnw?rel=0&w=190&h=154] [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fi40mquqTg?list=UUGHvAr6ycXrz80P2u79Y5jA&rel=0&w=190&h=154] [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lizIFxbAVPw?rel=0&w=190&h=154]