SinTien Wu Chi Qi Gong

Sin Tien Wu Chi Qi Gong¬†is an amazing and transformative system at the root of our martial practice. Utilizing¬†zhan zhuang (standing post) meditation practices we develop the warrior mind. This type of mental conditioning helps fighters keep a calm head when in the middle of a storm. For many people this practice is very challenging …

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Qi Gong Works!

Scientists Show Words Help

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Happy New Year!

It’s 2012 and if you are looking to improve your health and fitness levels then Kung fu, tai chi and Qi gong are great ways to do it. If you already have a practice or you are just beginning make sure to set reachable short term goals. As you meet your short term goals see …

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ISOYA Spring Intensive

Sifu David Chin will be hosting the 2nd Annual ISOYA Spring Intensive. This 3 day event is an amazing opportunity to work with a true master of the internal arts. Concentration will be on the Sin Tien Wu Chi Qi Gong system, the Original Yang Tai Chi Chuan forms, and this time Hop Gar Kung …

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Tibetan Hop Gar In Action
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